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Giving hope and support

when it's needed most

We allow families to define their  'peaceful breath' ...

Kelly Carol Foundation understands that while there are similarities in a cancer journey, there are distinct differences in the needs of each family. A child's joy, a parent's relief, being able to pause and take a deep breath - that is what your Foundation provides and we are incredibly grateful. "

- Mandy, Social Worker

"The Foundation has provided crucial assistance to families in transplant and  other cancer patients. They are flexible and respond with compassion. Their interventions has made all the difference for children, teens and families. "

- Faye, Social Worker

Golden Steel Plate


This brave young lady decided to take on her diagnosis with great determination. She drew ribbons around the cancer spots and shaved her head before her first chemo treatment. She took control! What her family couldn't control was the threat of their utility being cut-off for a late payment. Kelly Carol prevented that from happening allowing the family to focus on Autumn's treatment protocol.   

"The Foundation provides hope, joy, and support to families at CCHMC . The Kelly Carol Foundation lets our families know they will stand by them during the fight."

- Bridget, Social Worker

– Reef's mom 

"Financially, cancer is a burden and I wish...we didn't have to worry but many times we have been without necessities to try to make ends meet. It's so stressful. The help your 

Foundation gave us for our mortgage was invaluable. Just being able to have a little breathing room for one month helps so much."

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