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The Board's mission is to provide hope, joy, and support to families impacted by pediatric cancer.

Our work is built on a legacy of love left by two amazing women.


Kelly's freshman year school photo

If you would like to read more about Kelly, check out the book, The Dance, authored by Connie. Available on Amazon.  

"I wish there was no such thing as cancer.

But since there is and I have it, I wish it wasn't so hard on my family."  – Kelly

Kelly's family 2019


Kelly Leigh Gabelman was a smiling, ambitious teenager who received the YMCA "Bright Futures Award" for her positive effect on her school and community. Kelly was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) in her freshman year of high school. She fought the disease all through secondary school. Despite dealing with chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant, she finished as a member of the National Honor Society. She received a full scholarship to the Ohio State University and began her quest to become a pediatric oncologist. It was there, Kelly had a relapse. After her passing, the grief turned into resolve to honor her.  As explained best by her mom, Connie, "So many lives were touched by this little girl. In such a short time, she gave us so much love, so much joy, so much hope, so much courage. Her light lives on in us all."  We've taken that light and her dream to help children with cancer as our mission.

"Your greatest gift in life is your time."  –Carol

Carol Ann Conrad Gabelman was one of the founding members of the Foundation. Her work and dedication as the Foundation's Family Services Coordinator defined the unique way we provide assistance. Carol utilized her 17 years of health care expertise as a critical care nurse and her favorite job, as a mom, to determine what would be the most meaningful to families. Her ability to help families quickly and effectively was developed through a lifetime of service dedicated to fulfilling the needs of others. It was truly in giving that brought great joy to her life. Carol worked with great strength and determination, always with a warm heart and accepting smile. Unfortunately, Carol's life on earth ended all too soon in 2002. However, her strong spirit is ever present in our lives and is a continuing source of inspiration for our mission.


Carol posing with

her daughter, Megan.

Carol's family, 2018, at the happy occasion of her oldest son's wedding.

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